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Pokémon Twilight

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Pokémon Twilight
Twilight Generation
Pokémon Solar Version
Title screen of Pokémon Solar Version
Debut Lunar September 1, 1998
Solar Unknown
Pokémon 201 (0 new)
Main games Lunar and Solar
Region introduced Ayenn
Current length Lunar 5955 days (ends on October 14, 2000)
Solar Not yet released

The first generation of Game Fortress Pokémon games, known among older fans as the Pokémon Twilight due to the previous name of the series before the Twilight book series became popular. Game Fortress was aided by many people in its creation, including spriters and beta testers.



Some key aspects are:

  • The player has a party of up to seven Pokémon with them, which can be used in battle against opponent Pokémon Trainers or wild Pokémon.
  • A PC-based Pokémon storage system is available to store reserve Pokémon not in the party.
  • 201 species of Pokémon, with many related to each other by way of evolution.
  • A complex battle system, including:
    • Six stats, HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense, which each Pokémon has. Different Pokémon have different stats, even among the same species.
    • 18 different elemental types, which each Pokémon species has inherent to itself.
    • many (original and Nintendo) unique moves, restricted to four per Pokémon, each with its own elemental type, accuracy, and base power.
  • The Pokémon League challenge, consisting of Ayenn's eight Pokémon Gyms, scattered across the region with each specializing in a different type, and the Elite Four and Pokémon Champion.
  • A online trade and battle system (the latter is not yet implemented) between two accounts, allowing players to exchange Pokémon they caught for a Pokémon owned by another person or to battle against each other to test their skills.



Main article: Ayenn

Pokémon Twilight introduced a new region to the Pokémon series is named Ayenn.

Starter Pokémon

At the outset of the player's journey, he will have no Pokémon on hand, and venturing outside of Mossville is impossible, as an NPC will stop him and bring him back to his lab, where three Pokémon await both the player and his rival.

The starters of the Ayenn region are a three-type trio that was started in the original Pokémon games of Grass, Fire, and Water, with the player's choice being between Singet, Quenchi, and Urich.

The choice of a starter can make the beginning few Gyms change in difficulty.

Gym Leaders

The eight Ayenn Gym Leaders each specialize in a different type of Pokémon. Each gives out a badge and a TM on their defeat.

Ayenn League
Gym Leader Location Type Badge
File:Y Tiden.png
Ivory Town Water 40px
Boulder Badge
File:Y Alicia.png
Argite Town Ground 40px
Earth Badge

Discussion of Generation I

First being just another Pokémon fangame, Pokémon Twilight soon became one of the favorite fangames. In the meanwhile, Pokémon Twilight kept on growing an it is the most realistic and best Pokémon fangame made with Game Maker right now.

Ayenn thematic motif

Time is shown throughout as well as a graphics reminiscent of the earlier of the Pokémon games.


  • It is the first series to have planes and time travel not caused by a Pokémon.

Generation I: Lunar & Solar
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